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Skyforge players will be happy to know that December 3rd’s War Eternal update will be arriving alongside some additional content. The weekend following the update, players will be able to take part in Season 2 of the Pantheon Wars. During this event Pantheons will compete for the right to claim ownership of the Celestial Temples.


Any member of the game community can participate, having an impact on the tournament’s outcome. The most successful Pantheons will be able to determine part of the future for all players on the server.


Some changes have been made to the tournament since last season. These include the removal of PvE and PvP qualifications as well as the 30v30 Final Battle and Tessa Battles. The frequency of Pantheon Wars has been increased to every two weeks and the number of Pantheon members required to participate at any time has been lowered from 100 to 70.


Full details on the tournament, including requirements, are available on the event’s announcement page

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