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Remember The War Z? Yeah, that one, the zombie survival game that later became Infestation: Survivor Stories? We didn’t cover it much here on MMORPG since it required a purchase to play, but chances are you’ve probably heard quite a bit about the game itself and even more about its developer/publisher OP Productions LLC and Hammerpoint Interactive. If you don’t know those names then you’ve probably heard of Sergey Titov even if it was for less than flattering reasons in the past.


Fast forward a bit and a new game in the same genre appeared called Romero’s Aftermath. We covered it quite a bit in an interview a while ago and were amused to find out that once again Sergey Titov was involved in the project. This version of the game was free-to-play and built on the engine that powered Infestation: Survivor Stories. Aftermath had the input of George C. Romero (son of the better known George A. Romero of Night of the Living Dead fame) lending it some horror cred, but even that wasn’t enough as Aftermath announced that it will be closing up shop on Dec. 24, 2016. Free Reign Entertainment (yet another company affiliated with Sergey Titov) has since moved on to Shattered Skies, but if you want to play that you’ll need to buy it. One infestation down.


Anyway, back to Infestation: Survivor Stories. Check out the game’s Steam page and click on the link for the official site and you might end up a bit confused, since the link takes you to a page for a game called Infestation World. What gives? Well, Thai publisher Electronics Extreme partnered up with OP Productions earlier this year to bring a free-to-play version of Infestation to the gaming universe. So, you could buy Infestation: Survivor Stories (then dubbed Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic) or you could play Infestation World for free. While the two games did have differences it appears neither mattered, since ISS Classic is shutting down on Dec. 15 and Infestation World will close its doors on Dec. 31. Infestations 2 and 3 (although technically the same strain) cured.

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