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Fear not, though, for just as a zombie is never truly dead, Infestation keeps getting up, getting re-branded, and shambling back for more. Infestation: The New Z has just recently launched on Steam and while it is still published by OP Productions, the game is now developed by Fredaikis AB. Claiming that the game is “a massive rework of Infestation: Survivor Stories,” the team at Fredaikis claims they want to work from the ground up and create the “best Infestation experience yet” and has added a number of anti-cheat measures. The game is free-to-play on Steam.


Frankly, I wouldn’t touch this with a stick. Yes, it admittedly isn’t my type of game to begin with, but even if it were I just cannot get behind multiple rebrandings of the same subpar title all with various ways of milking money out of players and having what can only be described as less than stellar customer service. I feel for actual fans of the game who saw potential along the way for all of these years and wanted the game to become something better, only to go largely unheard by the development team. I hope for those dedicated players Fredaikis makes good on their claims of creating the best possible experience, but the early Steam reviews aren’t very flattering. Given that Sergey Titov is involved with OP Productions (and Arktos, Hammerpoint, and Free Reign), I sent an email to the team at Fredaikis to inquire as to his role in this “new” infestation and have been advised that he has no role in development.


All I’ll leave this at for now is, “Let the buyer beware” and here’s to hoping that long-time fans of the game get the improvements and game they were able to see in the mess that many of us simply didn’t stick around long enough to realize was there.

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