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Top 5 Mobile Games for This Holiday Season


December is coming and it's the holiday season again. I always like the end of a year, because it means relaxation and laziness and games become a good companion. Today, I'd like to share with you five new mobile games that we could try during this holiday season. If you have better ideas, tell me in the comments.

Demon's Rise 2: Lords of Chaos


Demon's Rise 2 is a sequel to Demon's Rise, but this sequel has a completely new cast of playable characters, a brand new campaign, a new set of patrol missions, and plenty of new gear to collect and equip. The list of playable characters is smaller than that of the first game, but there's less redundancy as a result.

There’re problems in the first game, but it’s said that the developer Wave Light Games has put the lessons they learned into this sequel to make it the best that it can be. So, no matter how we think of the first game, Demon's Rise 2 is worth trying.

Don't Grind


This is a new game released on November 24th from Laser Dog who developed the excellent games Alone and Hopiko.

In Don't Grind, your main task is to keep a banana, or any of the other funny options, away from buzzsaws at the bottom of the screen or other hazards that will come in from all directions. During the course, you can collect as many stars which appear randomly around the screen to win points. But the stars are almost always in a position where you will put yourself in imminent danger. Then, safety or risk, you'll decide which to choose.