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Nexon’s free-to-play mount-centric MMO Riders of Icarus is getting another update next month. Titled “Ranger’s Fury,” the new update introduces the Ranger class, increases the level cap to 50, and adds a new region and mounts to acquire.


As one would expect, the Ranger is a bow carrying ranger class. They are filled with the blood of the God of Ruin, making them able to track the power of Ruin. Despite the usefulness of this trait, some people are less than fond of the Rangers because of it.


There are at least three new familiars being added with the update, and while two of them can be described as looking “badass,” one really stands out for just how freaking cute it is. I mean… Just look at this guy.

To celebrate the expansion’s launch, Nexon is offering a free pack to players containing a mount, costume, weapon skin, and more. Those wishing to receive the package will need to register for it via the game’s site.

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