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We've seen combinations of AR and GPS features in mobile games like Pokemon GO, but Underverse wants to take the two and make more of a "full MMORPG experience" with them. The game will feature PvE and PvP gameplay, castles that I assume can be warred over in PvP combat, three different types of arena, full storylines that are told through quests, and more. Much like when you catch Pokémon in Pokémon GO, you will be able to fight battles either in AR mode or with an in-game backdrop. Interestingly, despite making use GPS features, including the ability to route to different locations and mark locations on your map, you will be able to experience the whole game without walking around.

For those interested, the developers have provided a set of comparisons to Pokémon GO. They are as follows.

UnderVerse VS PokemonGO:

Extended gameplay, PVP, PVE, portals, castles, 3 kinds of arenas, quests and crafting

3 times more detailed models

3 attack and defense points and multiple special abilities

Multiple quests and storylines

Unique armory and skills

Integrated chat, clans, auction house, quests and events.

Full GPS routing with extra game markers along the route

Ability to experience many of the game ‘s features without the need to physically walk around

You can find more information about Underverse on the official Facebook page. A video showing off some basic gameplay features is embedded below.



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