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The time may have passed for in-game Halloween events, but that doesn’t mean that the holidays are over. In fact, Perfect World Entertainment is preparing to kick off a variety of winter events in its games — ranging from the D&D based Neverwinter to the sci-fi MMO Star Trek Online.


Each game will kick off its event at a different time and some will run longer than others. In addition, some games will have multiple events for players to participate in. The events are as follows:




Winter Festival of Simril — Dec 15 – Jan 5

Star Trek Online


Q’s Winter Wonderland — Dec 1 – Jan 12

Champions Online


Attack of the Misfit Toys — Dec 8 – Jan 5



Christmas Snowball Event — Dec 22 – 28

Christmas Snowman Event — Dec 22 – 28

Santa’s Gift Event Dec 22 – 25



12 Days of Giveaways — Dec 2 – 24 & 26 – 31

Snowmen and Snow in Major Cities — Nov 30 – Feb 1

A Generous Gift — Dec 7 – 27

Do the Penguin March! — Dec 13 – 29

Forsaken World


12 Days of Giveaways — Dec 14 – 25

Winter Festival — Dec 1 – 31

Details on each of these events can be found on the game pages linked above..


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