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17 year old south Korean mmo helbreath rises from the dead


Helbreath originally released in 1999, but at some point, its doors were closed. Now here we are, 17 years later, and someone has dusted off the machine, turned the crank, and now Helbreath has sputtered back to life.


Not that it was ever really dead; unofficial servers for the short-lived game have been up and running this entire time, but now, Helbreath is being officially supported once again.  Which means patches, and new features, and all that you’d expect from a modern game.


Check out the official site for more information on Helbreath, but be warned, it is anything but modern. There’s a mute button in the bottom right to stop the noises.

But the community didn’t accept the shutdown. Instead, the players made suggestions how to increase the user base. It only took few days to convince the developers to make some changes and keep continuing. It was decided to go round-based rather than persistent and the game was officially changed to “round-based” on November 25, 2016.


The game will still be free to play.

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