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Since Legendary Dungeons were introduced to the free-to-play MMO Riders of Icarus, players have been expressing concerns about how some of the content works. Today, GM Dai-Laiku made an informative post on the game’s blog, discussing how the development team has been handling the feedback and what the outcome of that will be. The post also explains with a bit more clarity what the intended function of these dungeons is.


According to the post, the team didn’t quite inform the players as to how they intended for the dungeons to function in a proper manner. So that was clarified in the post where it was explained that they are intended to be extremely difficult — possibly impossible for some people — at level 40 and even difficult at level 50. The idea in dropping the legendary dungeons into the game before level 50 was available was to give players a chance to begin on them while accumulating feedback and data to tweak them before the level cap was raised.


That said, changes are being made to the dungeons. Based on player feedback, the health and attack of all enemies in levels 1 – 4 difficulties has been reduced. In addition, the team is working on making the coveted Karasha Gear more accessible while still making it feel rare and have already doubled its drop rate.


The team is keeping an eye on continued player feedback, so it’s likely we’ll see more changes in the future. More about this can be read on Dai-Laiku’s post.

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