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Thanks to recent testing events occuring in Lineage Eternal, those hoping to get a get a look at the game in action are now in luck. Two videos — totaling nearly 30 minutes of gameplay covering everything from character creation to dungeons have been shared on YouTube.

The first video comes from Steparu and highlights the Eternal Team System and one of the dungeons: Tower of Insolence Floor 2-5. With the team system, players control one character at a time while others function as an AI party. Players can swap between characters as needed. It should also be noted that each character needs to be geared up separately and will need individual leveling — although experience potions can help with that.

The second video comes from Aimix 888 and offers a broader look at the game overall. It includes character creation, questing, multiple character gameplay, like that seen in Steparu’s video, and dungeon gameplay

Overall, the videos should give you a pretty good gist of how the game works — and maybe keep your curiosity satisfied for a bit.


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