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When you think of Klingons, ice fishing may not be the first thing to pop into your mind, but apparently it’s a thing. And, if you play Star Trek Online, you’re going to be doing it as part of Q’s Winter Wonderland holiday event.


It seems Q dug around in the warrior race’s past and learned about them punching their way through the ice to the fish below. Although, Q’s event might be a tad bit less warrior-like than one might expect… You see, you’ll be going after candy fish.


Once acquired, these candy fish can be used as bait to summon a giant candy Kos’karii to fight.


This event offers players a variety of goodies, even if you don’t fight the Kos’karii itself. Simply putting fish into the offering bowl will grant you rewards — although collecting enough fish to complete the summoning and deafeat the Kos’karii will result in even more.


Speaking of prizes, players who collect 1000 Winter Prize Vouchers (this year only) by completing the “Fastest Game on Ice” mission multiple times will be rewarded with a sexy looking Breen Chel Boalg Warship [T6].

This ship includes a Lieutenant Commander Science/Temporal Operative station. You can read about the ship in all its glory on the STO blog.


Other prizes include the traditional ugly sweaters, two new Epohh mutations (Cherry and Lime flavored), Gummy Swordfish, and more. The list of goodies can also be found on the game’s blog.

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