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Coming up this week is a new Battlefield 1 game mode called Line of Sight, a twist on Rush but where only Medics and Snipers can fight on the battlefield. But watch out you sneaky snipers. You'll be taking double the amount of damage, meaning its up to the handful of Medic players to make sure you're team wins.

Also coming up in Battlefield is a new map: Giant's Shadow (how tantalizing). Players will fight in the Battle of Selle (a battle that took place in the last 100 days of World War I), amid a crashed airship.

And the first Battlefield expansion, They Shall Not Pass (how original), is scheduled to launch in March, 2017.

The raid boss aimed at the strongest guilds is of particular interest. Every week, guilds will fight each other for the right to come up against him. Only the very bravest warriors, who have shown their mastery in battle, will be able to fight against this boss.

Then of course we have achievements—I can't remember a time when game's didn't have achievements. Completing a hodgepodge of achievements will grant special titles and rewards.

While you wait for CBT2 to start you can check out the Swordmage overview trailer below; just keep it on repeat and it'll almost feel like you're playing.

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