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Indie Action Co-Op Game Dauntless Revealed At The Game Awards


During last night’s The Game Awards, a new co-op action RPG was revealed. Developed by Phoenix Labs, an independent company filled with veteran developers from Blizzard, Bioware, Riot Games, which produce best multiplayer browser games and Capcom, the game is titled Dauntless and is slated for launch some time in 2017. No precise date has been announced as of yet.


The game takes place in a world heavily impacted by a cataclysmic event. The event resulted in a new landscape filled with floating islands and Behemoths that continue to consume the land. Players will be able to explore this changing landscape — either solo or with some friends. To survive in this world, you’ll need to collect rewards and use them to upgrade weapons and armor through the game’s crafting system.


For more information on Dauntless, check out the announcement trailer above and then head over to the game’s site.


To register to win, head over to the official giveaway page on the Warframe site.

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