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Dauntless free to play co-op action rpg coming to pc in 2017


The Game Awards hosted not only awards, but game reveals. One such reveal was Dauntless by Phoenix Labs, an indie developer with an oodle of veteran developers from Blizzard, Riot, Capcom, and Bioware.


The co-op action RPG, which gathers a lot of influence from Monster Hunter, will arrive sometime in 2017. Dauntless features a world ripped apart by some cataclysmic event that created behemoths for you to group up and fight. You know… monsters for you to hunt.


The reveal trailer doesn’t show much in the way of gameplay, and truthfully there isn’t a whole lot out there yet, but the official twitter did post three short clips of gameplay. You can find those below, or head on over to the official site for more information and a chance to sign up for next year’s beta.

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