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Dreadnought Headed To PS4, Closed Beta Sign-Ups Open Now


Grey Box, Six Foot, and YAGER announced at PSX over the weekend that their space combat game Dreadnought will be headed to PS4 as a console exclusive. The announcement was made alongside a new trailer, which is embedded below. It is not yet known if cross-platform play between PC and PS4 users will be supported.


A Closed Beta is set to begin sometime next year. You can sign up here for a chance to take part.


Six Foot COO Christian Svensson had the following to say about the announcement.


    Dreadnought is all about mastering your ship and coordinating with your teammates to reap the glory and rewards of victory. It features stunning spectacles of high-impact combat across the solar system, and we’re incredibly excited for the PlayStation community to experience that fun for themselves soon.


You can find more information about Dreadnought's upcoming PS4 release on the official website.

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