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A Brand New Class Berserker Comes To 3D Mobile MMORPG Loong Craft


Loong Craft, a 3D mobile MMORPG with the theme of defeating foreign invaders and defending honor of the state, unveils its upcoming expansion, featuring a new class Berserker, new item Soul Tome, and some other new gameplays. The expansion will go live on December 7th.


New class Berserker comes on stage with unique skills


The fierce battles among six states fling the whole continent into endless confusion. At this moment, the fifth class Berserker with unique skills and fateful hammer has arisen. Berserker stands for justice and light. Not only can they wave the hammer and stuns targets, but also they can split the ground to deal damage several times to targets and slow targets. In addition, they also can decrease the damage received.


Brand new item Soul Tome makes its debut


Soul Tome is a item used to exchanged for rare Combat Power Titles and Coupons of Purple wings from Right Courtier or Cheng Yu in the main city. Purple wings are very difficult to obtain usually because they have outstanding battle attributes. The way to get the new item Soul Tome is to join Battle Royale and get Battle Royale Pack.


Exchange for different sets of new Attire via Attire Salvage


Gamers may familiar with the salvage system. While it’s special that the Attire can be salvaged. In this expansion of Loong Craft, players can salvage the useless Attire into piece of Fabric, which can be exchanged for various sets of new Attire with good looking and high combat power in Attire Salvage Mall.

Various kinds of new gameplays


Apart from Demon Tower will unlock 4 more stages for players to challenge and loot more rewards, Awaken Mount also will be available. Players can active more special attributes for some of their favorite Mounts. The new function that fuse the lower level EXP Pill into high level Pill will be unlocked too. Chapter 10, Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 for Cards will be released at the same time.