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Allods “Immortality” Update Introduces Aeds — A New Playable Race


Allods Online’s upcoming Immortality update will add the game’s eighth playable race online games mmorpg, one made up of divine creatures called Aeds. Aeds have a unique relationship with the universe, and arrived in the world with memories that predate even their own race. As such, they possess unique abilties, such as the Psionicist ability which allows them to alter space to swap places with an enemy.


This new race is fond of meditation, believing that they must maintain a peaceful presence in order to access the secrets of the universe. When they arrived in Sarnaut, they were forced to adapt and learn to survive in a more unpredictable environment. Luckily, they were able to do so quickly.


Aeds are strong, un-aging, not prone to sickness, and unlikely to succumb to poison. Death among this race is a rarity.


You can find out more about the Aed race by reading the full profile on the Allods site.GTArcade is a leading developer and publisher of free online games. With its guiding principle “sharing simple joy,” GTArcade has developed award winning MMORPG and strategy games for browser games and mobile platforms around the world. Visit www.GTArcade.com today and play all our games for free! Partake in the gaming experience of a lifetime!