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Military/Magic Shooter Line of Sight Going F2P, Thanks To Game & Game


Need another free-to-play shooterbest f2p mmorpg in your life? Of course you do! The latest entry comes from Game & Game, who recently revived ELOA and is now taking Blackspot Entertainment’s shooter Line of Sight free-to-play following an early access period on Steam.


According to the announcement on the Steam game page, the game is still available on Steam for its meager $4.99 early access buy-in, with the free version available now on the Game & Game site, though it looks like this is just a beta test that will run until the weekend; the Steam blog post refers to the F2P move as being something “we need little more time” for. The eventual goal appears to be a full a full F2P release on Steam.


As for the game itself, while it does seem generic in some ways, it looks to have extensive weapon customization options and you can hurl fireballs. Also, there are zombies. So that’s something at least a little different. Have you tried Line of Sight? If so, how do you think it will fare as a F2P game?

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