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Black Desert Online's Kunoichi And Ninja Awaken Today


Those of you that play as either a Kunoichi or a Ninja in Black Desert Online have been waiting quite some time for your class' turn to be awakened. Fortunately for you, the time is finally here. The Kunoichi and Ninja classes' Awakening updates go out today, bringing with them the Sah Chakram for the Kunoichi and the Sura Katana for the Ninja. Both classes' new weapons help to improve their offensive abilities at close range.

WEBZEN Has Already Announced A MU Origin Sequel free mmorpg browser games

You remember MU Origin, right? The mobile version of MU Online created by Chinese developer Beijing TIANMASHIKONG Network Technology Co. as part of WEBZEN's IP franchising efforts? According to Taiwanese news site Gamebase, WEBZEN has already announced a sequel despite the fact that the Korean service, which launched first, has been online for less than two years. In fact, WEBZEN has been working with Chinese developer Tianma on the title since the beginning of this year.


The sequel will feature a game world that is at least 50% larger in size than its predecessor's. Basic gameplay will see additional features and improvements, as well.


MU Origin's as yet unnamed sequel is scheduled to be released sometime in 2017.


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