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Soul Worker's Newest Character Wields An Oversized Cannon With Attitude


Soul Worker's latest trailer debuts the newest playable character: Iris Yuma, wielding an oversized cannon with a nonchalant attitude. Thanks to Steparu for bringing us this news.


Based on the trailer, Iris Yuma doesn't just fire her cannon but swings it around like a sledge hammer with a trigger, even juggling it and slamming enemies with tremendous force. It's a little ridiculous but entertaining to watch, and probably free to play. One ability sees her sit atop the cannon while it fires a rosey red laser.


Omer had a chance to check out Soul Worker not too long ago, which you can watch below the Iris Yuma trailer.


Soul Worker will be published in NA by Gameforge, best mmorpg games for pc but we have''t heard any news about a release date or even a test phase. Though if you're adventurous, you can play Soul Worker on the Japanese servers, as it appears there is no IP block, though you will need a VPN to access the website.


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