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Blade And Soul's Ruins Of Khanda Update Live, So Is The Holiday Event


The Ruins of Khanda are open to explore in Blade and Soul's latest update, adding a new endgame dungeon, Naryu Factory, brimming with mechanized automatons. New legendary accessories are also available for the pickings.


    This great rpg games,sweeping new multi-chaptered questline will send you to investigate the bizarre happenings plaguing the town of Sandstone Refuge—sounds of weeping, black feathers falling from the sky, and a foreboding presence. Assisting the town’s citizens sets you off on a grand adventure across the world where you'll reunite with Dokdan the Wise and unravel a dire mystery on the ancient Naryu island of Khanda Vihar.


Also, the Winter Festivities event is here to get you spruced up with tinsel and snowflakes: NPC's are dressed up for the season, music is jingling up the Hongmoon Store, costumes are ready to be donned, and there's an event dungeon where players collect appropriately themed goodies.


If you're level 16 and up, you can take on the dungeon once a day for your chance of snow cones, snow crystal, a glowing red nose that might indicate the need for medical treatment, and more.


Watch the Winter Festivities trailer below for a brief overview, and the Ruins of Khanda preview video below-below.


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