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Grim Dawn's Next Patch Adds The Third Roguelike Dungeon


Grim Dawn online games mmorpg will be releasing patch in the middle of December, adding the third roguelike dungeon to the game, called The Fall of Valbury. What's in the patch? New monsters with new loot in their boundless pockets, 16 lore notes, scattered secrets, and one mean Fleshwarped Troll guarding a Fleshwarped Incinerator rifle.


    The Fall of Valbury is our third roguelike dungeon, joining the esteemed ranks of the Steps of Torment and the Bastion of Chaos that came before it. This massive area is packed with new challenges, bosses, lore and of course loot.


The developers also want you to know that they have been streaming fairly regularly over on their Twitch channel.


I'm a big fan of Grim Dawn; it's one of my favorite ARPGs to release recently. It's also a constant reminder that KickStarter projects can create great games.


You can purchase Grim Dawn on Steam for $24.99.


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