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This Is What Open World PvP Is Like In Lineage Eternal


The Lineage series is well-known for being fairly PvP-oriented and that includes open world PvP. It's no surprise that NCSoft would opt to include open world PvP in Lineage Eternal and today, Steparu gave those of us without access to the ongoing Korean Closed Beta details about how it works.


Lineage Eternal's PvP system allows anyone to be attacked within PvP zones, but you must be flagged for PvP in order to attack others. Those who flag for PvP and don't kill someone within a certain amount of time will automatically be unflagged. However, if you kill too many people within a certain amount of time, your karma will be too high to unflag yourself and you may drop items on death. You may remember that a similar system was utilized in Black Desert Online.


Other details include the fact that, while you can attack anyone in open field maps or open world dungeons, only those that are flagged for PvP have a chance of dropping items. The chance to drop an item on death includes the chance for an inactive Eternal to drop an item on death. You can friendly fire other members of your party if they aren't in your guild, so you need to be careful. Additionally, there are two types of potion in Lineage Eternal: one heals the active Eternal, while the other heals all Eternals in your Eternal Team. Steparu anticipates that the ability to switch Eternals combined with potions that can heal inactive Eternals will cause players to utilize a strategy in which they build Eternals to be tanky and use potions to keep themselves alive as they switch between active tanks, ultimately causing each battle to be a war of attrition, but that remains to be seen.


As with many other recent MMORPGs, there is a guild war system that allows each guild to declare war on multiple guilds simultaneously. If you are at war with another guild, you can attack its members freely, but NCSoft has yet to confirm whether there is a chance of dropping items on death when killed by a member of a guild you are at war with.


You can find the full set of details about open world PvP in Lineage Eternal here.


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