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New Infographic Reveals Stats From MU Legend's First Global Closed Beta


WEBZEN has released a new infographic revealing several stats from MU Legend's first global Closed Beta, which best multiplayer MMO games took place at the end of October. According to the infographic, players spent 154 years worth of time in-game. Players collectively leveled up 3,308,278 times, but only 7% of all players reached max level. One player managed to reach 230,432 Combat Power before the test ended. A total of 1,864,710 deaths were recorded. Surprisingly, the War Mage was the most popular class played during this test, accounting for 31% of all characters created.


WEBZEN Head of Global Business Richard Moon had the following to say about the announcement.


    We are incredibly proud of the results of our first global beta test. We feel very positive about the direction MU Legend is going. Further details on MU Legend's second beta test will be announced in early 2017, so stay tuned!


WEBZEN will be running a second Closed Beta for MU Legend in 2017. Plans to include Brazilian-Portuguese, French, German, Polish, and Spanish localizations have also been announced.


You can view the full infographic below.


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