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TERA KR To Get New Musa Class On December 22nd


Nexon Korea announced today that the Korean version of TERA will be getting a new class called the "Musa" on December 22nd. Armed with a crescent blade and some sort of magic that involves moonlight, the Musa looks to be quite different than the game's other classes.


Based on the promo art and the teaser trailer, it also seems that the Musa will be a female Castanic-exclusive class. That being said, it could just be that the promotional materials only depict the class as a female Castanic character.


Those that are interested free to play multiplayer games can find the class' background story and a few details about its abilities here. More information is set to be revealed on December 13th, with the class going live in the Korean version of TERA on December 22nd.

Gigantic Is Now In Open Beta On Windows 10 And Xbox One

Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment's stylish new offbeat MOBA, Gigantic, has officially entered Open Beta on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Players can download the game completely free of charge and take part in fast-paced, cross-platform battles in which you are tasked with summoning Creatures and killing the opposing team's Guardian.


Gigantic enters Open Beta with a lineup of 16 Heroes, with a weekly rotation of six free heroes, three maps, and two Guardians. Motiga plans to add more Heroes, maps, Guardians, and Creatures over the course of Open Beta.


The beginning of Open Beta also marks the release of a Founder's Pack. The Founder's Pack gives anyone who purchases it access to all 16 available Heroes, four additional Heroes that will be added in the future, two Limited Edition "Imperial" skins for Charnok and Tyto the Swift, and two "exclusive Founder's profile icons."


Motiga CEO Chris Chung had the following to say about the announcement.


    Gigantic is an entirely new action MOBA experience that combines high twitch skills and deep strategic choices. Paired with innovated design that includes giant Guardians (to fight with and against), and creatures that you can summon, Gigantic is way beyond Overwatch or Paladins. We’re carving our own destiny.


You can download Gigantic on Windows 10 and Xbox One now. Both versions are available exclusively through the Microsoft Store. The Arc version, which will be compatible with Windows 7 and 8, will follow at a later date.

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