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RIFT’s Tok’s Proving Grounds Dungeons Is All About The Puzzles


As a standard rule, most MMO dungeons are all about the fights. Make your way through, kill the trash mobs, kill the big boss, and get your rewards. Sure, there might be some puzzles involved, but for the most part, it’s all about those kills.


This is apparently not the case for one of the dungeons being added to RIFT soon. The dungeon, named Tok’s Proving Grounds, is tricky from the start, requiring players to figure out where the entrance even is — seriously, it moves. Apparently, in order to find the entrance, you’ll need at least a small handle on some geometry, particularly Platonic solids. (If that’s not something you’re familiar with, the RIFT dev team has provided an informative link in the post highlighting the Proving Grounds.)


Once you’ve found your way into the dungeon — either solo or in a small group of two — you’ll be able to pick up a variety of puzzle-centric quests. Of course, there will be some slaying to do and work for various factions as well. But neither of those are the only focus of this dungeon. There will be a lot of artifacts to collect — in fact there are five massive sets with the smallest set having 28 items in it. Oh.. and they’re non-trackable, so have fun.


As for the puzzles themselves, the configuration will change every time so memorization is out. Trion has highlighted each of these puzzles in its blog post. (I’m not gonna lie, I stopped reading at that point due to the spoiler warning.) If you’re the kind that doesn’t care about spoilers, you can find all of that on the game’s blog..

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