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TERA’s “Lunar Dancer” Is A Moonlight Powered Castanic


The next major class being added to the action-combat MMO TERA is a moon-powered class designed for female Castanics. According to an interview with Bluehole Director Baek Sung Hyun (translated by Loriri and seraphinush) the new class makes heavy use of a giant Glaive weapon to execute consecutive attacks combining various movements.


They are not a heavily armored class — opting to use leather armor instead. The “Lunar Dancer,” as fans are electing to call her for now, inflicts a Lunar Scar on their enemies when they attack which can be stacked and then used to inflict wide range AoE damage. They also boast a “Lunar Energy” gauge which can be used for things like boosting attack speed once filled.


If you’re a fan of Castanics, rpg games online free the class sounds interesting. There’s quite a bit more information here in the translated interview — along with a few language clarifications to make things a bit easier. You can also get a look at the moon powered Castanic in the video above.

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