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ArcheAge Botches Fresh Start Server Launch In NA


Trion has not been having the best of times launching ArcheAge's 3.0 update and the long yearned-for Fresh Start servers in North America. What was supposed to be a smooth transition beginning on December 11th turned into an indefinite delay—momentarily; an issues that's been further inflated by furious comments on message boards around the net.


CEO Scott Hartsmanmade a post on the Archeage forums to try and pacify the raucous cries.


    I understand the frustration, believe me. After six months of prep work and testing in every place we could, no one including our Archeage teams had expected to need to pull a 30 hour shift to try to get ArcheAge North America Live up and running.


    I can promise you that it's not a matter of competence, if anything, quite the opposite. While it might be hard to believe, it's their competence that'll get it up and running.


Sucks to have to work on the weekend.


    ArcheAge North America is the largest ArcheAge install globally in the amount of data it needs to deal with. Larger than any of the non-Trion installs by a massive amount, larger than Archeage EU by quite a lot. The software as delivered to us was able to handle the volume of data the other regions, it handled the test data on PTS, and handled EU with a last minute scalability assist from our engineers.


    As a regional publisher, this is way outside of what we should typically be doing. But as a developer of other games ourselves, it's always all hands on deck, whatever we can do to make things work and get people in and playing, for our partners' games too.


Most best f2p mmorpg launches are failures, but this isn't a fresh launch of a new game. I'm not even sure it qualifies as a "relaunch" since the game never went down. It's just an update.


As of this writing the Fresh Start server is up, but there is an enormous queue. I'm a bit shocked there's only one Fresh Start server. Did Trion not think that Fresh Start would be the go-to choice? Oh well.

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