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Haven And Hearth-Like Sandbox MMO Rogalia Launches On Steam


The Russian indie sandbox MMORPG Rogalia has been available to play exclusively in the Russian language for quite some time now via the official website, but yesterday, the game launched on Steam with an English localization. Players can craft items, level up based on the vitamins they get from meals they eat, rent land, build structures on said land, terraform, and even...catch STDs. Yes, you read that right.


Despite some of its unique features, the game has garnered comparisons to Haven and Hearth, another indie sandbox MMORPG developed by a team of two. It is also noted, however, that, while the games look quite similar and have a similar basic feature set, the game has value outside of the "Haven and Hearth clone, but not a subscription game" designation.


Rogalia is now available on Steam for $11.99, temporarily discounted to $10.79 for the week of release. The price will be different after Early Access, but the Steam store page does not specify whether the developers intend to raise or lower the price at that time.

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