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Crossout Offers Tips And Tips For Constructing The Ultimate Death Machine


Crossout’s vehicular creation system is pretty awesome. It offers tons of versatility and options, giving players all sorts of ways to construct a perfect four- (or six- or eight-) wheeled killing machine.


But with that awesomeness comes complexity. Novice drivers can be a little overwhelemed by all the details, mythic heroes,and even experienced drivers might miss make some tactical errors. That’s why Gaijin Entertainment has put together a series of dev blogs to help players, old and new, to avoid simple mistakes that can turn your vehicle against you.


The first blog post talks mainly about the best choices for armoring your vehicle, reminding players about the balance between speed and armor and touting strategically placed thick chunks of metal. The second article gets into placement, another important aspect of the game. Specifically, it’s about where to place vulnerable components so they can’t be easily targeted by your enemies — or blow up in your face. Also, MOAR WHEELZ!


Crossout is still in closed beta, but you can get access by purchasing one of a number of packs from the Gaijin Store.


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