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RuneScape's Anniversary Year Comes To A "Cataclysmic Conclusion"


In just one week, a three and a half-year long storyline in RuneScape will come to a "cataclysmic conclusion" with the release of "Sliske's Endgame." The new grandmaster quest is "the most personalized quest [...] ever released" in RuneScape. In it, "Your choices from throughout RuneScape's body of quests will be acknowledged, enriching your experience like never before," as you watch "RuneScape’s surviving deities battle to take control of the Stone of Jas, a source of incredible power in the game’s mythos." It will also become replayable sometime after it is released, "but only the decisions made on the first play through will be taken as canon."

After more than three years, Sliske’s top free to play mmorpg between the gods is coming to a cataclysmic end, and players get to influence the decision of who gets to wield the incredible power of the Stone of Jas. This has been an awesome journey for the development team and players alike, which began way back with the battle between two of our gods – Zamorak and Saradomin – at the start of the game’s Sixth Age in July 2013. It’s apt that the conclusion to the questline coincides with the end of RuneScape’s busy year of 15thanniversary celebrations!


Sliske's Endgame is set to go live on December 19th. It will be the final major update of RuneScape's 15th anniversary year, "[setting] the scene for a major RuneScape storyline in 2017 and beyond." You can find more information about the upcoming quest on the official website.


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