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New Character “Stingray” Joining The Heavy Metal Machines Lineup


The latest character to join the Heavy Metal Machines roster may not be doing so of his own will. Recently, the character known as “Stingray” was caught by the Metal Sect after attempting to shut down the top free to play games with a hack.

Currently, the hacker is being held at a secret location where he will remain until it’s his time to enter the arena and answer for his crimes. In the meantime, the Metal Acolytes are working to restore the broadcast servers and get everything up and running again. Until things are sorted out, the Metal Herald states that the broadcasting schedule will be slightly different, with broadcasts running at the following times

Heavy Metal Machines is currently in closed beta on Steam. Those wishing to sign up — or get more information on Stingray — can do so via the mmo rpg games’official site.

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