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Battlerite Update Adds New Ranking System, Cosmetics, And An All New Champion: Pestilus


Stunlock Studios’ free-to-play battle arena, Battlerite, underwent a patch earlier today that made several important changes and additions. These include the addition of a new support champion: Pestilus, Lord of the Swarm.


Pestilus, the head priest of Quna, serves the royal family while secretly worshiping the evil diety Rasal. Being the Lord of the Swarm, Pestilus uses swarms of insects against his enemies.


Another addition is the new ranking system. Players will now have a separate team rating depending on which teammate they play in a party with. The dev team is hoping this will improve matchmaking. It should be noted that the system is still being tweaked, so expect more changes in the future.


Finally, players can now unlock winter-themed cosmetics. This includes outfits, weapons, and mounts. The best way to get these is via Frozen Chests, although there is a much slimmer chance of obtaining them from normal chests.


As these are the highlights from the patch, there are of course the standard adjustments to champions and general gameplay — as well as a full list of Pestilus’ abilities — available in the patch notes. You can read them on the game’s Steam Page.

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