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Fractured Space Speeds Up Gameplay, Offers More Crew Customization Via Implants


MOBAs can be slow, tedious affairs at times — even when they feature faster-than-light spaceships. To combat that, the makers of Fractured Space have implemented a patch aimed at speeding at gameplay and offering more customization of crew members.


The Phase 2.0 update offers “a blend of speed and navigation enhancements,” including more responsive turning controls for all ships. Big, lumbering capital ships are still plenty big and lumbering, but with the new updates, you’ll at least be able to maneuver them with a little more finesse.


If your ships still aren’t fast enough to your liking, why not modify the crew instead? The implant system, detailed in the video above, offers further customization and gives you even more options for tweaking your ship’s capabilities. Each crew member has three implant slots, which can carry attack, defense, or utility implants that can be obtained from Crew Implant Pods or earned through Mission Drop Pods.


There’s also a new ship included in the update, the heavy defense vessel TDS Aegis. It can transfer its shields to friendly ships, warp around the map with the help of its Blink Shift Buoy, and leech energy from enemy ships with its Absorb Smart Cannon.

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