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Nexon Drops “Biggest Updates Of 2016” For MapleStory and Riders Of Icarus


Two of Nexon’s free-to-play MMOs — MapleStory and Riders of Icarus — received major updates today. MapleStory’s new V update is the biggest it’s seen in about ten years. It adds the 5th Job advancement skills, reduces the leveling curve, and removes the damage cap for maximum power. Riders of Icarus’ new update, on the other hand, increases the level cap and adds a sixth character class.


MapleStory players of Level 200 have access to the fifth job advancement as of today. In addition, there will be new regions to explore and the all-new “most difficult boss in MapleStory history,” Lucid, Master of Nightmares.

Riders of Icarus’ Ranger’s Fury update adds a lot of new content for players of level 40. It introduces a vast desert known as the Cloying Wastes featuring plenty of new things to do and more mounts and familiars to tame. There is also the addition of the Ranger class, a heavy damage dealer armed with a bow.

To check out either of the updates, log in to the games today — or hit up the MapleStory or Riders of Icarus sites to read more about them.

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