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Japanese Tanks Rumbling Into War Thunder


Another nation is nearly ready to engage in the ground battles in War Thunder. Earlier this week, Gaijin Entertainment announced the upcoming Update 1.65: Way of the Samurai, which will add five branches of Japanese tanks. Today, the company announced how you could beta test the new vehicles, and they require you to prove your mettle in battle by performing various tasks.


Starting tomorrow, Dec. 16, players can earn a shuriken by winning five battles per day with an activity of at least 80% on vehicles of rank III-V. Once you’ve accumulated 12 shurikens, you can participate in the closed beta test of the Japanese vehicles. You can read up on exactly what’s required of prospective testers on the website.


Unsurprisingly, there’s an easier way to gain access that just requires you to whip out your wallet. You can purchase one of the two Japanese tank bundles that include beta access, a tank, 1,000 Golden Eagles, seven days’ premium time, and a 3-D decoration. The cheaper pack goes for $14.99 and includes the Type 97 Chi-Ha 12cm Rank 2 tank, while the pricier option goes for $29.99 and comes with the Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf E Tiger Rank 3 tank, as well as the 9th tank regiment’s camouflage.

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