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The Ranger Is Furious In Riders Of Icarus' Latest Update


The Ranger is awake and furious in Riders of Icarus' latest update, aptly titled "Ranger's Fury." Not only is there a new class but the update adds a new area to explore: the Cloying Wastes, a rain-starved wasteland located west of Tritael Rift.top browser games 2016


You can head to the Cloying Wasted to continue your journey, but you'll have to have a character level 39 or above to enter.

There are more than 40 new familiars that can be discovered within the Cloying Wastes giving Riders access to more mounts, pets and seals to power up gear! 

As ought to be obvious the Ranger is a ranged DPS class, but it is also comfortable attacking up close thanks to the vambrace, a piece of armor for the forerarm that can be equipped with a sharpened point. So that, one of the Ranger's talent trees is titled Vambrace, while the other two are Chaos and Bow.

The new patch also ups the level cap to 50, meaning new skills for all classes along with a few upgrades.

Also in the patch, two new dungeons await intrepid adventurers: Temple of Sands and Fortress of Sorrow. Both intimidating names.

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