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Rust's Garry Newman Lays Down Some Wisdom On Reddit


Facepunch Studios founder Garry Newman, creator of one of my favorite survival games Rust, took to Reddit to lay down some hard-earned wisdom to the community: if you don't like playing Rust, stop playing it.

He's addressing the culture of complaint. Rust updates, the community loves it, then they hate it—until the next update releases.

 My worry is that this is going to be a constant thing. We're not going to hit a point where you go - yep - don't change anything - keep it like it is. Because it's not that one particular system is much better than the other, it's just that one is fresher than the other.

That's pretty fair. And pretty true. We can see it rpg games for pc free these days. People with enormous keyboard vocal chords write dissertations about everything wrong with a game after their 2k+ hours played. And they may be valid to some extent. Games change over time.

 If you're bored of the game then just stop playing it. But before you get angry about it consider whether we have given you enough entertainment over the last 3 years to justify pocketing your $20.

Yes folks. The answer is easy. Just stop playing. Keep in mind, Newman is not being dismissive, though I'm sure a few angsty warriors are eager to feel insulted. There's a realization that comes with maturity: things change and you're not always going to like them.

Rust is still my favorite Early Access game, though it's been in Early Access since 2013. Facepunch Studios has delivered constant updates and constant communication with their community as they work towards making their vision a reality. 

And if you've never heard of or played Rust, we have a savage Sunday Funday video below.

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