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Arc Streaming Lets You Livestream To Twitch With Arc Games


The My.com Launcher is no longer the only MMO-focused gaming platform with integrated streaming capabilities. Perfect World Entertainment announced today that its Arc Games platform has been updated with a new feature called Arc Streaming, allowing anyone with a Twitch account to stream games on the Arc Games platform using the Arc client. It even lets you set the name of your stream, use your webcam on stream and view Twitch chat in-game.


You can find more information about Arc Streaming here. While I'm fairly attached to XSplit myself and will probably never use it because of that, the addition of streaming features in more gaming clients can only help to make streaming more accessible to the average user.

MapleStory 2 Starts Over

Perhaps one of the best indicators that your game isn't doing as well as you expected is the moment that you decide to call an update "Restart," as Nexon decided to do with MapleStory 2's latest update. The update "reorganizes" much of the game's core content, including making dungeons easier, reorganizing the questing experience, and making features like housing and mining more easily accessible. Even the UI has been reorganized. According to MMOCulture, these changes are based partially on community feedback.


You can find the full set of patch notes here. The update is part of a larger, multi-part event that you can find the details of here.

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