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There Is Another ArcheAge Mobile Game In The Works


Say what you will about ArcheAge, the game is doing well. I know because the Fresh Start servers have been up for several days now and I am still required to wait in line every time that I want to play. But that's not the only indication that it has created a strong brand for itself. You see, in addition to GAMEVIL's mobile spin-off, ArcheAge Begins, which is set to launch early next year, MMOCulture is reporting that XLGames has licensed the ArcheAge IP to an "unknown" Chinese studio by the name of "ZLONGAME."

Unfortunately, we have no idea what kind of game ZLONGAME intends to create with the IP. We only know that they will, in fact, be creating a second ArcheAge mobile game.

Blade and Soul was previously a subscription game in South Korea. After hitting level 16, players were required to pay the equivalent of $30/month in subscription fees to keep playing. Last month, NCSoft announced that the game would be going free-to-play in Korea and yesterday, the move to free-to-play finally happened. The move to free-to-play is a bit unexpected, as all metrics we have show that Blade and Soul is one of the most played MMORPGs in Korea, but perhaps NCSoft wanted to bring the game's business model in line with other regions. That being said, Lineage is still a subscription title in Korea, but it is free-to-play in Japan and Korea, so perhaps that wasn't the reason that Blade and Soul was moved to a free-to-play model after all.

The move to free-to-play happened alongside the "Surak: Paradise" update. The new update raised the level cap to 60, introduced a new area known as "Surak," added new story quests and dungeons, and more. You can find the full set of patch notes here.

Unfortunately, the update does not include the Soul Gunner class. NCSoft has yet to announce a release schedule for the highly-anticipated new class.

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