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Fiesta Online’s Lost Kingdom Update Adds 7 New Maps And A Whole Lot Of Other Content


Fiesta Online has received a big update adding a lot of new content to the free-to-play MMO. Titled “The Lost Kingdom,” the update introduces the enchanted island Eya, as well as new ruins and a grassland area. All total, the update brings 7 new maps with over 80 unique creatures and 25 new NPCs to the game.

The update also adds over 150 quests with up to 74 collectible items. There are more than 350 additional items that can be collected outside of quests. These include armor, jewelry, weapons, scrolls, recipes, and an exclusive item set.

Also of importance is the level cap rise to 135. This is a new temporary maximum level as another update will arrive next year raising the level cap even higher.

Full details on the update can be found in the patch notes on the official game forums.

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