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Crush Online Civil War Update Allows Guilds Of The Same Nation To Fight Each Other


Civil War has begun in GAMESinFLAMES’ free-to-play MMO Crush Online. The update — aptly titled “Civil War” — implements changes that allows Guilds of the same nation to challenge each other to “Fortress Competitions”, in which the winner will gain control of their foe’s fortress and take some of their gold.


Civil War battles will take place every week, with Guilds needing to sign up to participate on Saturday. In order to sign up, Legion Masters & Sub-Masters need to apply via the Fortress Administrator Hadrin, during which time they will also need to decide how much of their own Legion Gold to wager.


Also included in the update are three exclusive Christmas Costumes available in the game’s auction house, and new features such as more bosses in the Boundary Areas, new positions for high-ranking guild members, and your general patch related changes — all of which you can read about in the patch notes.

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