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MMO Sites Can't Decide If Aeria Is Still Publishing Bless


Perhaps the most entertaining news today is thanks to our comrades in the MMO press-sphere, who became wrapped up in speculation as to whether or not Aeria Games is still publishing Bless in the West.


It all began with a rather fun headline from 2p.com, titled "Rumor: Aeria Games Might No Longer Publish Bless in NA and EU." The site claims that since the website is down, and Aeria hasn't divulged any official updates, their rumor pulled from the firmament must have validity. It might. It might not.


Then MMORPG.com decided to make an inquiry. They reached out to Aeria and Neowiz to get their facts straight. It didn't work. Neither the developer nor publisher responded as of this writing. But someone did.


Bless-Source, a fan-site for Bless, responded to the claims that Aeria is no longer publishing Bless on their Facebook page. The post reads:

Well, that should just settle it right? Nope. This is my favorite part of the story and the only reason we're talking about this: Bless-source is a 2p.com affiliate, not an official website for Bless; the official Bless site still links to a "503 Service Unavailable." So, it's not an official communication about the state of the Western release. It's a Facebook post with a holiday trailer for the Korean version of Bless.

The only official communication about Bless is  from an Aeria Games representative named "Carsomyr," who infrequently posts on the Bless-source forums. And his keyboard hasn't made a peep since November 09, 2016.

So in the end nobody has any idea what's happening between Aeria Games and Bless. They still have the rights to publish it, but they haven't given us an update, at least not an official one outside of a fan-site forum. That's a little silly Aeria.

I like to think I set off this little ridiculous reaction with my letter-column from last week: "Dear Aeria Games, We Need To Talk About Bless," in which I implored Aeria to give us some evidence of their commitment to publish Bless beyond forum posts, and despite their sub-domain website for Bless being offline—which doesn't make sense.

Do you see Aeria? Do you see what happens when you don't say anything? Shenanigans. Just publish the game as is. You don't need to do anything, except make sure these types of posts—regardless of how funny I find it—don't happen.

And if you can't publish it Aeria, sell someone else the rights. The game is fun. Look how much fun we had below..

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