Cloud Pirates' Third Closed Beta Begins December 21st


Today, I downloaded Allods Online to try it out again before Update 8.0 arrives and, shortly after, I sat and wondered "what's going on with Cloud Pirates?" Following the end of Closed Beta 2 at the end of last month, things had been rather quiet.


It turns out that made an announcement about the future of Cloud Pirates yesterday. I know that many were hoping that Closed Beta 2 would be followed by the announcement of Open Beta, but yesterday's announcement brings word that a third Closed Beta will begin on December 21st instead. Everyone that took part in a previous Closed Beta will have access to the third Closed Beta. Those that have signed up in the past are not required to sign up again. If you've yet to sign up at all, you can still do so via the official website.

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Cloud Pirates' Third Closed Beta Begins December 21st

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