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Ashes Of Creation Reminds Us That Not All Water Temples Are Pure Evil


Ashes of Creation came out of nowhere recently and blew everyone away with its stunning graphics and ambitious ideas. Developed by the aptly named Intrepid Studios, the game is touting advanced features such as a dynamic world structure that builds around players' creations, farming, animal husbandry, dynamic quest chains that change based on players' choices and "experiences," PvP sieges, a caravan system that forces those in the caravan to defend it from other players, a crafting system that boasts "extreme versatility," and more. It's quite the ambitious title and you can read more about it here, should you be so inclined.


Yesterday, Intrepid put out an early look at one of the game's dungeons, the Water Temple. The architecture is beautiful, telling the story of a long gone civilization. With any luck, it won't reignite my hatred for Water Temples, but, given the team's ambition, I'm foreseeing a lot of deaths in my future.


You can find the video embedded below.

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