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Star Trek Online Launches “Borg Red Alert” Event Just In Time For The Holidays


Because nothing says “spirit of the season” like being attacked by a fleet full of joyless cyborgs


Star Trek Online announced today that the Borg Red Alert event will begin on December 22nd and run to December 26th. During the event, players will be notified in game when a Borg fleet appears on Sector Space, at which point they can participate by going to the Captain’s menu, selecting the Alert and agreeing to travel to the incursion. Once there, players will need to queue for the event.


It’s a pretty simple process. Just be sure to log in on the 22nd and keep an eye open for those red alerts.

Netmarble Games, a Korean studio, is set to purchase the Vancouver branch of Kabam, the studio responsible for Marvel Contest of Champions. While the deal has not been finalized just yet, it is expected to close early in 2017.

While we don't know how much money Netmarble offered Kabam, we do know that some anonymous buyer offered Kabam $800 million for the Vancouver studio back in October.

The number is high for good reason: Marvel Contest of Champions reportedly made $25 million a month according to an interview with Kabam COO Kent Wakeford back in August.

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