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Star Citizen's Holiday Stream Suffers Technical Difficulties


Turns out even $100 million doesn't guarantee smooth flying as evident by Star Citizen's holiday stream on Twitch: audio out-of-sync, awkward pausing, amateur transitions, just an all around production worthy of a high-school film project.  There were enough technical difficulties so that the video was promptly removed from YouTube. But you can still watch the rerun on Twitch.


Sorely missing from the stream was any footage of Squadron 42, the long anticipated single player campaign within the Star Citizen universe—which was also missing at CitizenCon. Chris Roberts addressed backer concerns in a newsletter. Turns out, there's still plenty of work to be done on Squadron 42:

 Since CitizenCon we’ve been working towards 2.6 as our priority, with Squadron 42 core tech being second priority, followed by 3.0 development. Almost all Squadron 42 core tech is also needed for 3.0 and the aspects that aren’t, like Networking, have their own team who don’t get distracted by Squadron as it’s a single player game.So while it may be disappointing not to see something this year on Squadron 42, I believe it’s the best choice for the long term good of both Squadron 42 and Star Citizen. It’s critical that we focus on finishing up the core systems we’ve designed to handle the needs of both games, as without them, other parts of the development team are blocked from finalizing key gameplay.

 But it's not all bad news. Alpha 2.6 is now available on the Public Test servers, and that means backers can now play Star Marine, Star Citizen's FPS module. Was it worth the wait?

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