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Introducing Elsword’s Newest Character Ain, Envoy of the Goddess Ishmael


An angelic new Hero has arrived in KOG Games’ free-to-play action MMO, Elsword. Ain, a new caster class, was sent by the Goddess to Elrios in the past. However, the war between the citizens of Elrios created an explosion that knocked Ain through time to present day.


Ain features a new system that allows him to change his attack method using two modes: Cycle Mode and Creation Mode. The first mode allows him to access his skills faster by lowering the cooldown and MP cost of his skills. Creation Mode enhances all of his combos and commands.


You can see Ain in action in the video above and learn more about him on the Elsword site.

Warface Update Brings “Warrior’s Winter Wonderland

Crytek has the holiday spirit and they’re celebrating with festive new themes, achievements, and other goodies in its free-to-play shooter Warface. The latest update to the game introduces a new festive map. “Icebound,” as the map is titled, is a new PvP Bag and Tag map. To win, you’ll need to take down your enemy and snag their dog tags.


Two of the game’s more popular maps are also getting a holiday makeover: TDM Oil Depot and TDM Hangar. Pick up new “Evil Santa” weapons and snowball grenades and head into the maps for a little Christmas chaos. Each new item in the update comes with its own achievement.


To add to the fun, players can also visit Warface’s advent calendar and pick up a free gift every day until Christmas.

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