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EverQuest II Jumps in with Their Own Additional Frostfell Events


Frostfell has started in Norrath already, but that doesn’t mean that the team at Daybreak isn’t adding more gift giving goodness into their free-to-play MMORPG EverQuest II. Starting on December 22nd, two additional methods of both gift giving and gift obtaining will launch in The City of Freeport or Qeynos Capitol District.


Feeling generous? When the event starts, head into the MMORPG’s cash shop and pick up a “Gifty Bag” for 300 Daybreak Cash then head to one of the prime locations listed above. Trigger the item and you (as the gift giver) will receive a free random gift, but the Lil’ Helper summoned by this item will run around and drop 10 other gifts that other players can scoop up. Sorry, as the gift giver you won’t be able to pick up any of these additional gifts. That said though, the one gift you DID get upon summoning the Lil’ Helper COULD be as awesome as the deed to the Snowy Dwelling or a Miniature Sleigh for your house!


Those of a more greedy persuasion may just want to hang out in the two hubs previously mentioned. Not only can you scoop up gifts from more generous players, but every few hours Santa Glug himself will show up and randomly drop presents that have a chance of containing an icy mount known as the Winter King or a Sack of Coal. Get REALLY lucky and your gift may contain yet ANOTHER gift that could contain a cosmetic pet known as the Red-Striped Sentient Present (pictured above). It’s RNG-seption!


If you’d like to read more about these additional Frostfell events (ending on January 5th) then take a peek at the official blog post!GTArcade is a leading developer and publisher of free online games. With its guiding principle “sharing simple joy,” GTArcade has developed award winning MMORPG and strategy games for browser games and mobile platforms around the world. Visit www.GTArcade.com today and play all our games for free! Partake in the gaming experience of a lifetime!

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