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Dragon Nest Awakens The Academic And Cleric Classes Tomorrow


As Black Desert Online's Awakening updates come to an end, Dragon Nest's are just beginning. Eyedentity Games announced today that the "2nd Awakening" update is set to go live tomorrow, giving Academics and Clerics a chance to unlock their Awakening skills.


Eyedentity Games Publishing Director Victor Qwon had the following to say about the announcement.


    With this enhancement, we set out to create a new experience with the depth of two notorious characters in the world of Dragon Nest. I’m thrilled to invite new players to this dawning events of X-mas as well.


The launch of the update will also mark the beginning of the game's Christmas events. The game will be decorated for the holidays, Christmas-themed outfits will be made available, and returning players that haven't played in some time will receive "untold rewards."


You can find the full set of patch notes here. A quick look at each subclass' new abilities can be found here. As Eyedentity has yet to release an NA-specific version of the update's trailer, I have included a trailer from the Indonesian version of the game below.

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